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This project was part-financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and by the Scottish Government and The European Community Rural Aberdeenshire, Highland and Moray LEADER 2007 – 2013 Programmes.

Fraserburgh - shells and cables

Dontator / knitter: Knitted by Maggie Summers, wife of Peter Summers, donated by their daughter

Location: Fraserburgh area

Colour: Mid grey

Pattern: All over body pattern: stocking stitch shells on moss stitch background, bordered by 6-stitch cables. Welt single rib 11cm; body length 67.5cm. Shell pattern at centre front, cable at centre back

Welt: Single rib, 11cm

Chest: 76cm

Sleeves: plain; cuff: 9cm; total sleeve length: 49cm

Gusset: length 18cm, width 7cm

Shoulders: shoulder extension 8 rows moss stitch knitted on left side of each body piece and cast off together with corresponding shoulder stitches

Neck: polo neck, single rib, 12.5cm

This gansey, Tree of Life, Fraserburgh 2, and Diamonds - herring net, Fraserburgh 2, were donated by the daughter of Maggie and Peter Summers. Peter owned a fishing boat called Girl Pat, and was a skipper and successful fisherman.  His wife knitted all his ganseys until he died. She also knitted the long johns and her children's ganseys. Mr Summers retired from fishing at the age of 40 due to a heart attack, but would keep his hand in by taking the boat out in spring and summer time. During the war he wore a navy blue gansey which was admired by officers. The tree of life pattern is the one he wore as a boy in his schooldays. The shell pattern was the last one he wore.